Blog: The Easiest Way to Buy and Sell NFTs

NFT marketplaces - platforms where NFTs can be stored, displayed and traded - have quickly emerged as an attractive proposition for investors looking to cash in on these booming assets. Yet, they are currently difficult to trade due to relative opacity within the sector. This creates a clear gap in the market for NFT marketplace platforms facilitated by reputable, regulated companies that have deep industry knowledge. This is the need that we're addressing.

Through our NFT Marketplace, customers can bid, buy and check out easily. Our Marketplace enables users to sell and buy NFTs with credit or debit cards, ACH, direct deposits, wires, cash (coming soon), Bitcoin and 40 of the top cryptocurrencies. No knowledge of crypto or crypto holdings are required. We’re providing a safe, secure, free wallet for all users to store NFTs. Additionally, users can immediately relist purchased NFTs on the CoinZoom NFT secondary marketplace with no gas fees.

With the CoinZoom NFT Marketplace, we’re aiming to put artists and creators first. Using the CoinZoom NFT minting engine, artists and creators can easily include the royalty option to receive a cut of all future secondary market sales, allowing them to earn 15% every time their NFT changes hands on the secondary markets.

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